In Awe Of Virtual Updates

Definite a must have. Created for communication. between team members and self [ cause you can see who opened and clicked what] Same system goes for followers/ family and interested friends.

Also found that with this autoresponders analytics we could tell who had opened, shared and clicked through to other backlinks supplied. Thus becoming more in-depth learner and speaker of knowledge based input to meetings and community announcements.

Simple Systematic Approach

To have stream-less connections between this platform and other intergrated platforms – a great tool to have.
By-weekly in depth walk you through live question and answer times.

Chat with the team at a button press… all hours and all topics.
Make and create tailored sign up forms and a little more indepth lnding pages.
Emails that you choose to them connect into campaigns.

Analytics on the spot and easily read at a glance
User friendly… yes it is.

Best ever news is while start ups are figuring everything else out this has the first 500 followers and investment everyone can afford. —-> no change.

What to do from here
Three steps to follow

  1. 1Watch the video below
  2. Hit the box under the video to open
  3.  Sign Up!

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Yes everyone I’ve talked to is surprised at just how easy it actually was to get started.

Facing to the left Susan Lewis

AWeber, they’ve done their part. Additionally AWeber continues to support you all through your experience with them and your followers.

Bonus again: first 500 followers at no cost.   Terrific for set up time influences. Great for budgets and presentations.


ReachOut to Susan Lewis . Read how online learning experience have greatly helped with the deep-Post Trauatic Shock Syndrome and total loss aspects of the first 31 years of memory.
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