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Find out  about me [Susan Lewis] #ReachOut4Hugs

Hello. This is where you find a little bit more out about Susan Lewis. Her picture is below this post.

Each and every one of us has timelines in our lives where things get carved into the memory. Interlinked memories of the highs, lows, the giddy parts. The slumps and the could life be any better times

Even view-points markers differ

So far Susan has had five distinct periods within her life.

Pre February 1991

From February 1991 to about October 2018.

Then from 2008 until June 2014

From that point until when she went to bed last night

In this post, Susan briefly outlines what happened when she chose to accept that she was scared of where she was. This may just be what you are experiencing. In that case, keep connecting just as Susan did with another person and so her journey back began.

Just start the journey

And then there is from every time she wakes up and knows that today something will connect.

For those of us who have been known to be on the Autism Spectrum, some of us lifers [from the time of gestation]. Others were dumped here and from that moment of realization And now you too are a lifer.

For Susan, it’s bee a journey of both aspects. From this point of view what Susan writes about, videos, speaker about she will tell the story so that those who need to have something, a memory that may trigger something could possibly come forward.

Determined passion to relearn

In 1994 Susan set out to write a newsletter. That’s where the frustrations of dyslexia torn through her self confidence. Yet Susan found herself once again where people relied on her to step up to the mark. Newsletters were written for the youth to take home.

The next challenge came to relearn to communicate efficiently through the use of writing a blog. About 2002 saw the first blogger happen. The learning still goes on. The difference is each part learned was another piece of knowledge to hang new learning, or the relearning from the past, onto. Practice might not make perfect but with a stern look at herself, the outcomes challenges turned into adventures people wanted to be a part of.

Your life is the best adventure you have. Jump into your past to see where the future for you have come from.

There simply is no one right way

Had as it may seem to the careers, medical personal, others around who have to at times recognize there is acute pain when these releases come forth.

What people who have not been in this place do not recognize is it’s not s tunnel of darkness that needs inforced light. Someone else cannot turn on the people’s light switches. There is simply no recognizable doorway in, nor out.

Do you get to see the results?

No-one said that reaching past the blockades is easy.

One day you may be the lucky person to happen along just in time to see the person virtually driving a bulldozer round and round demolishing the past walls, foundations roof, and everything else within the mind that was a cupboard with the closed door.

Call out to them. Lay the jacket down and let the lady come to the wobbly old door frame. Stand on the jacket yourself and before they can say hello haul them into life just that little bit more.

Susan has been there. The unintentional use of protective isolation messages. The blocking of people as who was she to know who she was. The past was trapped deep down under some shadow of the past.

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Yet in her life, there have been significant people and one virtual community that have to heal out their hands. Allowed Susan to cross the connections in her mind. Open the doors. Show off your portfolio. Step on the stone amongst the litter of the past breaking into the now. Walking, bouncing, laughing, jumping with truth, hope, and joy. The ticket to the future as she crosses each bridge, over to her daily new adventure called life

Simply join together to step forward. #ReachOut4Hugs even #even-pinky-hugs too.

Susan Lewis looks forward into this journey
Wow, Look at where you have just reached out too. Keep on the journey forward.